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Karlxtom Portable Countertop Dishwasher-Provides Five-Year Warranty

Karlxtom Portable Countertop Dishwasher-Provides Five-Year Warranty

Compact Mini Dish Washer with 5-Liter Built-in Water Tank and Air-Dry Function

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 6 Main Functions:

[NORMAL] General or daily dishware washing. Time: 69 min

[SPEED] Washing tableware with slight oil stain. Time: 29 min

[GLASS] Glassware washing. Time: 59 min

[BABY CARE] Baby bottles,toys and heavily soiled dishware washing. Time: 89 min

[FRUIT] Rinse. Pre-washing, washing fruits, vegetables, seafood etc. Time: 19 min

[DRYING] Provide 60 minutes of hot air drying and 72 hours automatic ventilation to keep your dishes clean, prevent odors and dry for long periods. It can be used with any mode except the fruit mode or used alone.


Smaller in Size, Simpler to Use

The dishwasher’s compact structure makes it a great fit in various indoor and outdoor settings. Its built-in water tank allows instant use without installation, and you may also connect it to a faucet for water supply. With a dish rack and cutlery basket for better organization, the interior offers adequate space to satisfy the daily cleaning needs of a family of 3 or 4.

5 Wash Cycle Options & 360° Rinsing

When it comes to performance, this portable dishwasher never disappoints. Its 5 pre-programmed wash cycles (Normal, Speed, Soft, Baby Care/Heavy and Fruit) readily handle different washing jobs at the press of a button. The top and bottom spray arms swivel for a 360° coverage with no blind spots to give a streak-free thorough cleaning.

60-Minute Drying & 72-Hour Ventilation

It takes more than regular, effective cleaning to keep your tableware in good shape. After each wash cycle (except Fruit), the dishwasher air dries your dishes for 60 minutes to give them a spotless finish. An optional Dry mode provides an extra 60-minute drying followed by a 72-hour ventilation, maintaining a sanitary condition for storage and preventing odor build-up.

Two Water Supply Modes

Safer Cleaning

Multifunctional Options To Meet Different Needs

5 Pre-Programmed Wash Cycles

Hot Air Drying & Ventilation

Free storage compartment - 60 minutes automatic drying after each washing cycle (except fruit) and 72 hours ventilation after activation ensures hygienic storage.

360° All-Round Clarity

The powerful impact of the dual swing arm, pressurized hot water from the rotating spray arm easily removes stubborn food residues and leaves your dishes looking like new again.

Visited 10,000 Real Scenes

Serve Real Needs

Most Suitable Size

Easy-To-Organize Cutlery Rack

  • Large Capacity & Small Size

    Despite the compact size, KARLXTOM’s interior space easily accommodates your daily dishwashing needs in apartments and on RV trips.

  • 2 Water Supply Options

    In addition to drawing water from a faucet, the dishwasher comes with a 5 L water tank for comfortable use where permanent water hook-up is not preferable.

  • Dual Spray Arms & 360° Rinsing

    Pressurized hot water from the rotating spray arms removes stubborn food residues with ease and makes your dishes sparkling clean again.

  • Hot Air Drying & Ventilation

    A 60-minute drying automatically follows each wash cycle (except Fruit), and when activated a 72-hour ventilation ensures sanitary storage.

  • Solid Warranty

    We provide 1 year product guarantee service

  • Free Shipping

    Premium free shipping on orders to US and EU destinations

  • 30-Day Return

    New, unused products can be returned within 30 days of delivery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 128 reviews
Quit and clean

Bought this for my mom's mobile home and, needless to say, it's a lifesaver. Simple to set up and use, and is actually a bit more powerful than I had anticipated. Dried BBQ sauce in a bowl? Gone. Some still-caked on residue on an indoor induction grill? Toast. Granted, I did scrub a bit to loosen it but there was still plenty left.

Now you aren't going to be able to put huge pots in this, but smaller saucepans tend to fit well if they're only one of two items in there.

Do yourself a favor and snag this thing.

Piccola, direi micro, ma ottima per una persona

Ho dovuto optare per questa lavastoviglie perché sotto il lavello non avevo spazio per altre che, seppur piccole, lavano 6 coperti. Ma sono rimasto sorpreso da come lavi bene e con poca acqua. Il ciclo rapido è ideale per tutti i giorni in soli 30 minuti e per una persona sola fra colazione, pranzo e cena un giro al giorno basta. Certo se si hanno molte pentole si devono fare più cicli, ma sempre di 30 minuti consumando circa 5lt di acqua e non molto di elettricità. Pentole e stoviglie molto grandi non ci stanno, ma secondo me va benissimo per una persona sola che magari sprecherebbe energia e acqua con una lavastoviglie più grande mai a carico pieno (anche con ciclo eco queste lavastoviglie impiegano di solito più di 30 minuti e consumano molta più acqua e energia). Per un famiglia non la consiglierei invece, se non per una seconda casa o per trasportarla ovunque visto che si carica acqua facilmente dall’alto anche senza collegamento al rubinetto. Non è economica, io sono riuscito a prenderla con uno sconto proposto da Amazon osservando per un po’ il prodotto.

Willy k
Best dishwasher ever!!!

This has been the best dishwasher ever. It's so efficient, easy to install and use. I love all the programs and settings. The tray space is more than perfect for two peoples dishes. It's cheap to run and use. I don't have mine connected to the water mains so I use the top bit to fill the tank as and when needed. I can't believe I went so long without one. You don't even need dishwasher salt either. it's the best purchase I've ever made. 1000% recommend.

Amazing Customer
Out of the box and right into service

?Right out of the box this machine is ready to work. It seriously took less than 10 mins to get it up and running. Intuitive in nature, you won’t have to rely on the users manual. It’s as quiet as full size models and does not disturb quiet evenings at home. It seems to clean as well as full size models too, though I am using the premium pods (sometimes 2) with each load. I’ve ran it a dozen times already and it hasn’t faltered, leaked, smoked, alarmed, or failed. The clear screen front door and lighted interior make it mesmerizing to watch. (And hey, after 2 years of sheltering at home pandemic precautions, we find entertainment in mundane tasks.) It doesn’t hold a lot, that’s not surprise in a countertop/portable appliance, but it holds enough. (It isn’t ornerous to load, run, unload. Of course it’s ideal for singles who don’t have many dishes to wash at any one time.) I fill it by hand and drain it via the sink, though it does have a faucet attachment for even more ease.
It is a countertop appliance, but be sure to measure before ordering. It does not fit under my upper cabinets. Ideally you wouldn’t have upper cabinets at all, or maybe some open shelving. To use mine must straddle the sink. But I’ll invest in a rolling cart soon.
I can recommend it, with the caveat of making sure it fits your counters/cabinets.

Since covid, I've wanted something to do silverware & glasses.

Just right for the 2 of us as I'm willing to wash the plates & pans by hand.